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'We must move! We must act!'

They called him a man of destiny, and indeed he was. Louis Robichaud was born to a large Acadian family and educated in a one-room schoolhouse. Dedicated to his province, he had lifelong ambitions to improve the lot of Acadians and New Brunswickers alike. On June 27, 1960, he became the province's first-elected Acadian premier and for a decade he pushed for progress like no other before him.

With dead-end alleys of unemployment, disappearing family dignity, and crumbling communities, Premier Louis Robichaud says he has no choice but to act quickly. He is pushing his Program of Equal Opportunity, which was developed from the Byrne Report on finance and municipal taxation. His plan seeks to develop the impoverished areas in the northern and eastern sections of the province and organize the hodgepodge county councils.

In this CBC Radio clip, Robichaud delivers an impassioned speech in which he describes the progress they've made and the progress still to come. New jobs have been created, weekly wages have improved and total capital investment has climbed steadily, he says. Throughout his speech, Robichaud maintains a fierce sense of pride and optimism, urging his listeners to remember that the New Brunswick crest bears the motto "hope is restored."
. "The program was a pivotal point in provincial history. It made a significant contribution to the self-actualization of the Acadians. This and his many other accomplishments during his premiership of New Brunswick and during his life in politics made P'tit Louis, as we fondly called him, our idol." — Hon. Rose-Marie Losier-Cool on Louis Robichaud's Program of Equal Opportunity
Medium: Radio
Program: CBC Radio News Special
Broadcast Date: Feb. 9, 1967
Guest(s): Louis Robichaud
Duration: 9:48

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