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The Robichaud government: a retrospective

They called him a man of destiny, and indeed he was. Louis Robichaud was born to a large Acadian family and educated in a one-room schoolhouse. Dedicated to his province, he had lifelong ambitions to improve the lot of Acadians and New Brunswickers alike. On June 27, 1960, he became the province's first-elected Acadian premier and for a decade he pushed for progress like no other before him.

In this CBC Radio Retrospective, Louis Robichaud is remembered as a "man on a mission." He brought the rural province of New Brunswick kicking and screaming into the 20th century, admirers say. From reforming liquor laws to developing industry, Robichaud is recalled as a "hero," a "boat rocker" who accomplished his political mission with gusto and courage. "There was never a dull moment," remembers Robichaud's colleague Robert Pichette.
• Nova Scotia has 34,000 francophones and Prince Edward Island has approximately 5,500.
. "Had we not had Louis, had we not had the 1960s I don't know where we would be today. We would probably be anglicized, marginalized, hunting for a soul." - Donald Savoie, professor of public administration at the University of Moncton

. In January 2002, Robichaud was back in his old seat in the legislature when Tory Premier Bernard Lord brought in an updated Official Languages Act that extended bilingual services to municipalities. Lord, along with the entire legislature, honoured Robichaud as a visionary and one of New Brunswick's most important premiers and citizens.

. On Jan. 6, 2005, Louis Robichaud died after a battle with cancer. He was 79. He was survived by his wife, Jacqueline, three children (Paul, Rene and Monique) and several grandchildren.
Medium: Radio
Program: Maritime Magazine
Broadcast Date: Nov. 18, 2001
Guest(s): Herménégilde Chiasson, Art Doyle, Wendell Fulton, Gus McDonald, Robert Pichette, Louis Robichaud, Donald Savoie, Camille Therriault
Host: Joanne Clancy
Reporter: Jo-Ann Roberts
Duration: 27:41

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