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McKenna's hot, Hatfield's not

Power doesn't change hands often in New Brunswick, but when it does, it's usually eventful. In 1960, Louis Robichaud became the province's first elected Acadian premier. Ten years later, Tory Richard (Disco Dick) Hatfield began his remarkable 17-year run, but it ended in scandal. Frank McKenna's Liberals then made an extraordinary clean sweep, winning all 58 seats. And in 1999, PC Bernard Lord made history when he became premier at the young age of 33, but he was edged out by fresh-faced PC Shawn Graham in 2006 after two terms in office. CBC Archives explores the key turning points in New Brunswick election history since 1960.

A week before the 1987 New Brunswick election, Sunday Morning takes an in-depth look at the Liberal and Conservative campaigns.
Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Morning
Broadcast Date: Oct. 4, 1987
Guest(s): David Clark, Linda Dyer, Richard Hatfield, Shauna Mackenzie, Frank McKenna, Jim Pickett
Announcer: Linden MacIntyre
Reporter: Roger Bill
Duration: 15:07
Campaign ad: Liberal Party of New Brunswick

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