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Is '88 Gary Filmon's year?

From Tory blue to NDP orange and back again, with scarcely a red Liberal in sight – that's been the alternating pattern in Manitoba elections since the 1950s. Manitobans seem to prefer stability in their governments but punish a government when it overstays its welcome. Both parties have gotten the boot for stoking the public's ire: the NDP for boosting auto insurance rates in 1988 and the Tories in 1999 for a vote-rigging scheme. From Hudson Bay to the Red River, CBC Archives goes to the polls.

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It looks as if the NDP will be swept out in the 1988 Manitoba election, paving the way for a PC victory.
Medium: Television
Program: The Journal
Broadcast Date: April 21, 1988
Guest(s): Sharon Carstairs, Gary Doer, Jake Epp, Gary Filmon, Greg Mason, Howard Pawley
Host: Paul Griffin, Denise Rudnicki
Reporter: Gillian Findlay
Duration: 16:19
"We’re Not Gonna Take It," Daniel Dee Snider, Snidest Music Co. Inc. Campaign ad: New Democratic Party of Manitoba

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