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The 1995 Quebec referendum: Turning the 'Yes' tide

"À la prochaine fois!" ("Until next time!") promised René Lévesque after the 1980 Quebec referendum. Fifteen years later, on Oct. 30, 1995, Quebec and the rest of Canada faced that "next time" as Quebecers decided whether to separate from Canada. Though they voted to stay by the narrowest of margins, the referendum provoked questions about Canadian identity and Quebec's place in Confederation. CBC Archives relives a period when this country very nearly split apart.

media clip
How Lucien Bouchard managed to revive the sputtering sovereigntist campaign.
Medium: Television
Program: News Special
Broadcast Date: Oct. 30, 1995
Guests: Lucien Bouchard, Jacques Parizeau
Reporter: Tom Kennedy
Duration: 4:18

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