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Political Scandals: Grant Devine defends his government

Pepper spray, tainted tuna and miracle cucumbers have all played their part in Canada’s long tradition of political misconduct. Be it lack of judgement or for personal gain, politicians misbehave. They get caught. The public is outraged. Then all is pretty much forgotten. And the cycle starts again. From John A. Macdonald and the Pacific railway fiasco to the sponsorship affair, CBC Archives looks back at some of the biggest scandals, boondoggles and white elephants in Canadian politics.

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The former Saskatchewan premier says his government wasn't as corrupt as people say; a panel of experts begs to differ.
Medium: Radio
Program: The Current
Broadcast Date: April 14, 2005
Guest(s): Stevie Cameron, Grant Devine, Akaash Maharaj, Maureen Mancuso
Host: Anna Maria Tremonti
Duration: 18:46

Last updated: February 25, 2013

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