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Paul Hellyer attempts political comeback in 1988

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Paul Hellyer has been around the political block. First elected to Parliament as a Liberal in 1949, he was defence minister under Lester B. Pearson and ran to replace him as leader in 1968. Defeated by Pierre Trudeau, he left the Liberals to start a new party called Action Canada. By 1976 he set his sights the leadership of the Progressive Conservatives, having joined the party in 1972. After losing to Joe Clark, he became a columnist. In this 1988 profile, Hellyer has come full circle, seeking the federal Liberal nomination in the Toronto riding of St. Paul. 
• As Defence Minister, Paul Hellyer spearheaded a move to unite the three branches of Canada's military -- the Canadian Army, the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force -- into one entity called the Canadian Forces. The unification was objectionable to some members of the navy, prompting several admirals to resign. In 2011 the federal government reversed the move, restoring the three units to their previous names. 

• In 1997 Hellyer took his last kick at politics, creating the Canadian Action Party and running federally in the riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore. He did not win the seat.

• In 2005 Hellyer began to speak out on the topic of UFOs and aliens, and appeared on Russian television in 2014 to claim that aliens live among us on Earth. He said they possess advanced technology but refuse to share it with humans because of the pollution and wars we cause.  
Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Aug. 24, 1988
Program: CBLT News
Reporter: Brenda Craig
Guest: Nelson Wiseman, Paul Hellyer
Duration: 3:53

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