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Growing pains for Whistler

The mountains and spectacular scenery have always been there. But until the 1950s, the Whistler area was just a small collection of lodges and cabins. Then a group of Vancouver businessmen with big dreams built a ski hill. Despite some troubles along the way, Whistler Village was built and became one of Canada's best-known resorts. CBC Digital Archives takes a look at the still-bumpy road to Whistler's international success.

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A visitor from Toronto loves the quality of the service he receives in Whistler while a construction worker must endure cramped, ramshackle accommodations. The misery spreads to former Olympic ski champion Nancy Greene, who bemoans an inferior selection of staff for the hotel complex she owns. Such is the state of development in Whistler, as outlined in this 1990 CBC Radio report from Sunday Morning: the tourists come first and community development has been slow-going.
• Two years after this report, in 1992, Whistler received its first of many major accolades: It was voted the best Ski Resort in North America by Snow Country Magazine, one of North America's most prominent ski magazines.

• On April 20, 1999, Whistler and Blackcomb became the first North American ski resort to welcome over two million skiers in one season.

Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Morning
Broadcast Date: Feb. 4, 1990
Guest(s): Sean Bittle, Craig Dysart, Nancy Greene, Drew Meredith, Paul O'Mara
Host: Mary Lou Finlay
Reporter: Art Moses
Duration: 9:29

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