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Glendon's giant perogy

A giant hockey stick. A big nickel. An historic covered bridge. A history-changing oil well. People pass by these attractions all the time on their travels throughout Canada. Sometimes, tourists trek for days to just to catch a glimpse. Some attractions are monumental, others merely quirky. They are all the stuff of local legend. CBC Digital Archives goes province to province to admire the big things in our big country.

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Johnny Demienko can't stop singing about the unusual tourist attraction in Glendon, Alta., which he thought up himself: a giant perogy with a fork through it. He admits the fork was added so people would know what the heck the sculpture is. "The first design wasn't [with] a fork, but then people went by and they responded that it looked like a cow pie or something," says Demienko, who is the town's mayor and also a school bus driver. But why a perogy? As we see in this 1993 clip from On the Road Again Glendon's strong Ukrainian heritage made it the perfect choice.
• Glendon giant perogy on a fork was built in 1991. It stands 8.2 metres (27 feet) high and is 3.7 metres (12 feet) wide. It weighs 2,718 kilograms (6,000 pounds) and is constructed from fibreglass and steel.
  • A perogy is one of the world's best-known foods of Eastern European origin. Many cultures claim it as their own dish. It is a staple of Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Slovakian diets. The perogy is sometimes known by different names, including kalduny, in Belarus and Lithuania.

• There are several different spellings for perogy, including pyrogy and pierogi. As we see in this clip, Glendon uses the "pyrogy" spelling.

Other prominent Alberta roadside attractions include:
• Cowboy in Airdrie
• World's Largest Mallard Duck in Andrew
• World's Largest Beaver in Beaverlodge
• Angus Shaw - Fur Trader in Bonnyville
• Antique Underground Coal Train in Canmore
• World's Largest Chuckwagon in Dewberry
World's Largest Dinosaur in Drumheller
• World's Largest Western Boot in Edmonton
• Buffalo in Fort McMurray
Leduc # 1 Oil Derrick near Leduc
• Mozzy the Mosquito in Rainbow Lake
Psyanka (Easter Egg) in Vegreville
• Starship Enterprise in Vulcan
Medium: Television
Program: On the Road Again
Broadcast Date: Nov. 16, 1993
Guest(s): Johnny Demienko, Mike Jean, Anika Jean, Walter Zeroski
Host: Wayne Rostad
Duration: 3:23
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