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Sizable squid in Glovers Harbour, Nfld.

A giant hockey stick. A big nickel. An historic covered bridge. A history-changing oil well. People pass by these attractions all the time on their travels throughout Canada. Sometimes, tourists trek for days to just to catch a glimpse. Some attractions are monumental, others merely quirky. They are all the stuff of local legend. CBC Digital Archives goes province to province to admire the big things in our big country.

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In 1878, fishermen near Glovers Harbour, N.L. caught themselves a whopper. They landed a giant squid that was 16.7 metres (55 feet) long, and was recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest squid in the world. In 2001, to mark the occasion and increase tourism to the tiny Newfoundland hamlet, a replica was commissioned and built near the site of the squid's capture. In this 2004 CBC News report, we learn how the monument was built and what it means to the community.
• Sculptor Don Foulds, who was commissioned to design and build the giant squid monument, was born in Saskatoon. He was chosen for his community monuments on display in Saskatchewan, including a giant turtle, a moose and a woolly mammoth.
  • Thimble Tickle Bay, where the giant squid washed ashore, is located on the Atlantic coast of Newfoundland. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the giant squid is the world's largest invertebrate.

Newfoundland and Labrador is also the home of a number of other roadside attractions, including:

• Joey's Lookout (tribute to beloved politician Joey Smallwood) in Gambo
• Wire Biplane in Gander
• Boat and Lighthouse in Grand Bank
• Southern Newfoundland Seaman's Museum Mural (the largest mural in Atlantic Canada) in Grand Bank
• Whale's Head sculpture in South Dildo
• "Jazz Maid" Mermaid in St. John's

Medium: Television
Program: Here & Now
Broadcast Date: Jan. 23, 2004
Guest(s): Darren Finn, Don Foles, Morris Martin
Reporter: Kevin Harvey
Duration: 1:55

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