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Duncan BC's humungous hockey stick

A giant hockey stick. A big nickel. An historic covered bridge. A history-changing oil well. People pass by these attractions all the time on their travels throughout Canada. Sometimes, tourists trek for days to just to catch a glimpse. Some attractions are monumental, others merely quirky. They are all the stuff of local legend. CBC Digital Archives goes province to province to admire the big things in our big country.

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"It's big, and it's here." That's how one boy sums up Duncan, B.C.'s prized acquisition: the World's Largest Hockey Stick and Puck. The 28,000-kilogram behemoth once towered over Vancouver's Expo 86, but as of today it will preside over Duncan's community centre. As we see in this 1988 clip from CBC-TV's Newscentre, town residents see the giant stick as their own Eiffel Tower.
• The giant hockey stick was originally built in 1985 by the Canadian government as part of the Expo 86 World's Fair. Made out of Douglas fir beams reinforced with steel, it is 62 metres long and weighs 28,118 kilograms. It is 40 times the size of a real hockey stick.
  • The stick and puck were donated to the province of British Columbia after Expo, and a contest was held to see where it would end up. Duncan, located on Vancouver Island, was selected, and the community raised $150,000 to dismantle the stick, transport it by truck and barge and erect it at the new site at the Cowichan Community Centre in 1988.

• It would take another 20 years for Guinness World Records to officially recognize it as the world's largest hockey stick. A 21-metre stick in Minnesota was awarded the title, despite being one-third the size, because it was made out of a single piece of wood. In 2008 the title was bestowed on the Duncan stick after committee chair Dick Drew appealed to new Guinness owner Jimmy Pattison, a Canadian. "You know what I always said? The Sphinx in Egypt isn't made of one solid block of stone," Drew told reporters.

Other prominent roadside attractions in British Columbia include:

• Prospector and Stubborn Mule in 3 Valley Gap
• World's Largest X Country Skis in 100 Mile House
• World's Largest Totem Pole in Alert Bay
• Junkers W34 Float Plane in Fort St. James
• Dolphin Fountain in Kelowna
• World's Largest Bathtub in Nanaimo
• World's Largest Tin Soldier in New Westminster
• Mr. PG in Prince George
• Marine Captain in Prince Rupert
• Figurehead - S.S. Empress of Japan (replica) in Vancouver
• Killer Whale in Vancouver
Stanley Park's Totem Poles in Vancouver
• Watering Can in Victoria

Medium: Television
Program: Newscentre
Broadcast Date: March 19, 1988
Reporter: Deborah Goble
Duration: 1:10

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