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Toronto cyclists get back on the saddle in 1971

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You never forget how to ride a bike. But after a few years of not riding, it can still take a bit of getting used to, judging by the cyclists who stop to talk with CBC reporter Andrew Simon on a July day in 1971. Cycling is enjoying a comeback: an importer says he's got a waiting list for Raleighs and a retailer describes his astonishment at selling out his supply of women's ten-speeds in less than a day.
• In August 1971, the comptroller for Metro Toronto said there so many more bicycles on the streets, creating traffic hazards, that the city should consider reintroducing licensing for riders.

• According to a February 1972 item in the Toronto Star, 1971 was a record year for bike sales, with sales of adult bikes up by 400 per cent.
Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: July 19, 1971
Program: Summer Weekend
Host: George Finstad
Reporter: Andrew Simon
Guests: John MacKenzie, Don Lawson
Duration: 8:31

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