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A Vancouver potato chip factory in 1959

Some stories are best left to kids to tell. What adult would appreciate the potato's journey from humble spud to golden, crispy chip? Luckily for the CBC, young reporter Eloise Cameron is at a Vancouver-area potato chip factory on assignment for Follow Me. After watching the potatoes tumble through the peeler, the slicer and the deep-fryer, Eloise gets her own bag of the freshest chips possible. It's a tough job, but...
• Based in Vancouver, Follow Me was a regional children's program in which children themselves guided viewers on tours of places of interest. On other episodes the show visited the Vancouver auto show, a tugboat dock, Vancouver International Airport, the post office and the telephone company.

• Many CBC children's TV shows got their start in the 1950s, including Maggie Muggins, The Forest Rangers, Nursery School Time and Space Command. Chez Hélène aimed to teach French with puppets, and there was a Canadian version of Howdy Doody, a U.S. kids' show.

• Other regional CBC Television children's shows in the 1950s included the science show Discoveries in Winnipeg, the pirate-themed Pieces of Eight in Halifax, and Pepinot and Capuchin in Montreal.
Medium: Television
Program: Follow Me
Broadcast Date: Feb. 23, 1959
Guest(s): Dick Gardner
Reporter: Eloise Cameron
Duration: 4:34

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