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The new turkey roll

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"The competition for the housewife's dollar is very keen these days," says Pat Brennan, host of the CBC farming program Countrytime. As a result, convenient new food products are constantly in development. In this clip, we get the inside scoop on the new "turkey roll." Efficient workers at the factory remove the bones from the turkeys, wrap the meat in the skins, and finish the process by putting it in a funnel to maintain a consistent shape -- somewhat like a European sausage, says Brennan.
• Countrytime debuted on the CBC in 1960 as a "program of direct interest to Canadian farmers." During its six-year run, the program covered a variety of topics, ranging from the practical -- such as agricultural innovations and farm business techniques -- to farming lifestyle issues and other light-hearted features. A 1962 episode, for instance, looked at farm superstitions.

• The show was produced in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax. There were different versions of Countrytime for each region, each featuring different hosts. This clip is from Vancouver where the hosts were J.P. Dickson and Pat Brennan. Brennan was the show's main host in Vancouver, while Dickson specialized in garden and floral issues.

• Canada's farming population was much larger in 1961 than it is today. Out of a total population of 18,238,274 people living in Canada, approximately 2,073,000 -- or 11.4 per cent -- lived on farms. In 2001, out of a total population of 29,914,315, there were 727,130 -- or 2.4 per cent -- living on farms.

• Processed meats, such the turkey roll shown in this clip, were a relatively new phenomenon in 1961. According to the Oxford Companion to the History of Modern Science, "The food processing and additives industries expanded explosively after World War II, partly owing to wartime innovations and partly as the result of commercial and social developments. Processed foods -- TV dinners, frozen vegetables, ready-to-eat products, and other 'convenience foods' -- became increasingly popular."
Medium: Television
Program: Countrytime
Broadcast Date: Oct. 28, 1961
Host: Pat Brennan
Duration: 4:04

Last updated: March 24, 2014

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