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Lobster supper becomes a P.E.I. tradition

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What began as a potluck is now a booming industry, and Father Denis Gallant says it was all his idea. Located in Hope River, PEI, Gallant claims to be the mastermind behind the lobster supper, a social event held in the church basement with the proceeds directed to charities. He says the first one was held in 1958 when his church, St. Ann's, required renovations. Now, the church serves up its lobster fare to hungry travellers and locals who claim that it's the best cooking this side of Paris.
. The suppers began as a church fundraiser/potluck. The church would host a dinner in the basement or dining hall and members of the congregation would bring a dish to share. Everyone would contribute a small amount which the church would donate to charity.
. In 1964, St. Ann's church charged $1.50 for a full-course lobster dinner.
. In 2001, the church estimated that they served approximately 25,000 guests per season. Profits are divided among different charities.

Also on July 18:
. 1926: Author Margaret Laurence is born in Neepawa, Man. She would write books of short stories and two important novels to Canadian literature: "The Diviners" and "The Stone Angel."
. 1993: Scarborough's Paul Tracy becomes the first Canadian to win the Toronto Indy-car race. He wins it again in 2003.

. 1997:DNA tests clear David Milgaard of the 1969 sexual assault and fatal stabbing of Saskatoon nursing aide Gail Miller. Milgaard served 23 years in prison for the crime.
Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: July 19, 1988
Guest(s): Denis Gallant
Reporter: Dan Bjarnason
Duration: 2:31

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