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The Saskatchewan doctors strike is over

Since Tommy Douglas helped usher in Canada's medicare system in 1967, it has earned the envy of the international community. Many Canadians see free public health care as the hallmark of what Pierre Elliott Trudeau called "The Just Society." Yet, as the medicare debate has proven, it's a system that is not without its flaws or opponents.

On July 23, 1962, public support for the striking doctors has dissipated to the extent that their representatives accept a negotiated settlement with Saskatchewan's government. The deal is mediated by Britain's Lord Taylor of Harlow, a doctor and politician who played an instrumental role in the establishment of socialized medicine in the U.K. In the end, Saskatchewan's doctors resign themselves to working under medicare in exchange for the right to bill for extra services.
• Stephen Taylor was created Lord Taylor of Harlow in 1958. From 1940 to 1944, during the Second World War, he served as the director of Home Intelligence and Wartime Social Survey with Britain's Ministry of Information. Early in his career, he was the assistant editor of The Lancet, Britain's venerable medical journal. In 1968, Joey Smallwood, the premier of Newfoundland, appointed Lord Taylor president of Memorial University in St. John's, a post he occupied until 1973.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC News
Broadcast Date: July 24, 1962
Interviewer: Tim Ralfe
Duration: 1:27

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