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Emmett Hall on Canada's health-care system in 1980

Since Tommy Douglas helped usher in Canada's medicare system in 1967, it has earned the envy of the international community. Many Canadians see free public health care as the hallmark of what Pierre Elliott Trudeau called "The Just Society." Yet, as the medicare debate has proven, it's a system that is not without its flaws or opponents.

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In 1979, Justice Emmett Hall is asked to revisit Canada's health-care system and report on its strengths and weaknesses. He returns one year later with a report titled Canada's National-Provincial Health Program for the 1980s, a controversial document that claims extra-billing by doctors and hospital user fees are creating a two-tiered health care system. Hall also concludes that binding arbitration is essential to resolving fee disputes between doctors and Canada's provinces.
• Medicare was not the only revolutionary social change advocated by Emmett Hall. In 1968, Hall and Lloyd A. Dennis tabled the findings of their inquiry into the state of education in Ontario. They argued that education was about "self-realization" as opposed to the traditional emphasis on preparing young Canadians for their economic and social roles. Students, it said, were treated as a little more than a "captive audience" for an "imposed, involuntary and structured" curriculum.
Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Morning
Broadcast Date: Sept. 7, 1980
Guest(s): Emmett Hall
Host: Patrick Martin
Interviewer: Bronwyn Drainie
Duration: 4:10
Photo: ┬ęBriank. Image from BigStockPhoto.com

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