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VE-Day countdown: Spies and refugees in Allied territory

In May 2000, bacteria seeped into Walkerton's town well. The deadly E. coli then slipped quietly through a maze of pipes and into the homes of Walkerton, Ont. Unsuspecting residents thirstily drank the polluted water and bathed in their bacteria-ridden tubs. But soon after, they began experiencing common symptoms of infection; bloody diarrhea and throbbing cramps. Seven people would eventually die and another 1286 would fall ill. The investigation which followed exposed an alarmingly unstable waterworks system made fragile by government cuts.

Medium: Radio
Program: CBC War Recordings
Broadcast Date: April 24, 1945
Reporter: Sam Ross
Duration: 2:47
This clip has poor audio.
Photo: National Archives of Canada / PA-137462

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