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Greenpeace climbers protest acid rain

When fish started turning belly up in lakes and streams, North America's eyes were suddenly opened to the consequences of pollution. But long after acid rain became a household word and Canada decided to take action, the United States was still hesitant to curb its share of industrial pollutants. For years Prime Minister Brian Mulroney courted a reluctant American president while Canadian activists lobbied and spread the word. Results came eventually, but it may have been too little too late.

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Their goal is to highlight the general failure to reduce gas emissions that cause acid rain. The mission is a dangerous one - climbing a 400 foot smokestack and hanging a 60 foot banner from its top. These three Greenpeace members are making a plea to Ontario companies Inco and Ontario Hydro to stop acid rain, as they explain in this CBC Television clip.
. Earlier in April 1984, Greenpeace teams in Europe simultaneously climbed smokestacks in Belgium, West Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the Netherlands, France and Czechoslovakia. They hung a single letter on each smokestack, which together spelled out the words "ACID RAIN."

. In 1990, Greenpeace dumped 2.5 tonnes of sulphur-coloured sand on the steps of the Central Electricity Generating Board's headquarters in central London, to represent one minute's worth of sulphur emissions from UK power stations.
Medium: Television
Guest(s): Keri Cruise
Reporter: Stu Paterson
Duration: 2:38

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