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Canada's trees: Spraying humans with pesticide

It begins as a tiny stowaway on a crate from Europe or Asia, a relocated piece of firewood, or just a mild winter. Within decades, millions of hectares of Canada's woodlands have been laid waste because of it. Armies of tiny insects have stripped city boulevards of stately elms and ruined billions of dollars worth of softwood. Since the 1950s, science has fought these invading waves of caterpillars and beetles using everything from DDT to pheromones and bacteria. But victory seems no closer in the fight to save Canada's trees.

media clip
Pilots, farmers and bystanders relate the all-too-common tale of dousing people with poisons meant only for bugs.
Medium: Radio
Program: Sunday Morning
Broadcast Date: Jan. 3, 1982
Guest(s): Mrs. Becker, Marlese Friesen, Abraham Friesen, Brent Malanson, Rick Shellallah, Amy Tuckey
Host: Russ Patrick, Barbara Smith
Reporter: Bert Deveaux
Duration: 9:43

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