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Canada signs Convention on Climate Change

Hollywood stars speak out about it, politicians argue about it and books on the subject are bestsellers: global warming is a hot topic today. But just a few decades ago, some scientists were predicting another ice age. CBC Digital Archives looks at four decades of CBC's climate change coverage, beginning with murmurs of a northern warming trend in the 1960s and ending with the Kyoto Conference of the late 90s.

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The 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro is almost over, and Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is promising that Canada will do its part to clean up the planet. As one of more than 100 world leaders attending this United Nations-organized conference, Mulroney signs the Convention on Climate Change -- an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But as we see in this 1992 news clip, while some applaud Mulroney's actions, others say his promises don't go far enough. 
• A total of 155 nations signed the convention — known in full as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) — in Rio in 1992. Although the treaty was an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emission, it was a fairly general document without many specific terms. Built into the treaty, however, was a provision to add more specific amendments or "protocols" to the agreement. The now well-known Kyoto Protocol of 1997 was an update to the UNFCCC.
Medium: Television
Program: The National
Broadcast Date: June 13, 1992
Guest(s): George Bush, Fidel Castro, Abdul Gayoom, John Major, Elizabeth May, Brian Mulroney, Li Peng, Carlos Salinas de Gortari
Host: Knowlton Nash
Reporter: David Halton, Eve Savory
Duration: 5:36

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