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'You do not treat Mother Earth this way'

Vancouver Island's Clayoquot Sound. Manitoba's boreal forests. The Central Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. These picturesque locales have served as the battlegrounds over the controversy of clearcutting — the logging practice that strips a forest bare by cutting every single tree down. On one side are the environmentalists. On the other, logging companies. In the middle are native people. The fate of Canada's old-growth forests and the forestry industry as a whole rests in the balance in the 'war of the woods.'

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Clearcutting in the forests of Meadow Lake, Sask., has the native community divided. Native protesters say logging destroys hunting and trapping areas. Leaders of the nine bands argue that local people should control the logging operation, giving them the power to balance environmental and economic development. But environmentalist David Suzuki doesn't want to hear about it, joining protesters at a blockade outside the forest. "You do not treat Mother Earth this way," shouts a defiant Suzuki in this CBC Television clip.
• When contacted in 2003 by CBC Archives, reporter Marc Genuist reflected on David Suzuki's involvement at Meadow Lake: "He didn't seem well-informed. I don't know why, but I got the impression that he didn't really look into the issues, and seemed more interested in just getting his name out there. I think he had heard about it in the news and flew in to lend his support to the protesters, but the natives who held the logging rights really didn't want him there."
Medium: Television
Program: Newshour
Broadcast Date: July 13, 1992
Guest(s): David Suzuki
Reporter: Marc Genuist
Duration: 1:48

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