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Bombardier: The Snowmobile Legacy
Joseph-Armand Bombardier was a shy, determined mechanic who dreamed of building a vehicle that could "float on snow". In 1937 the first snowmobile rolled out of his small repair shop in Valcourt, Que. and a legendary company was born. Over the years, Bombardier continued to perfect his dream and found that winter-bound Canadians were eager to come along for the ride. Bombardier changed the way we travel over snow and he established a Canadian manufacturing giant along the way.
Boom and Bust at General Motors
Buick, Cadillac, Corvette: iconic car brands from what was once the world's biggest automaker. Since its inception in 1908, General Motors has put millions of cars on the road and employed generations of Canadians. But competition from overseas began to take its toll in the 1980s, setting GM on a path to bankruptcy in 2009.
Cars in Canada
Since 1900, Canada has had a history of unique automobile design and manufacturing, from the first motorized horse carriages to the electric car. It's a story of invention, craftsmanship and high-risk business opportunities by foreign entrepreneurs looking for Canadian financial backing. The CBC Digital Archives highlights the history of some cars designed and made exclusively in Canada.
Chrysler in Crisis
Since 1925, the Chrysler Corporation has been a titan in the world auto industry; one of the three largest manufacturers in North America and producer of iconic machines like the Jeep, the Barracuda, the K-car and the minivan. Like any company in any industry, Chrysler has seen its share of good times and bad. But as a multi-billion dollar company with tens of thousands of employees, those ups and downs have major ramifications for the North American economy. On May 1, 2009 the auto giant filed for bankruptcy protection. The CBC Digital Archives offers a brief look back at some of the troubles and triumphs of the automotive juggernaut.