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Malcolm Bricklin tells his story

Since 1900, Canada has had a history of unique automobile design and manufacturing, from the first motorized horse carriages to the electric car. It's a story of invention, craftsmanship and high-risk business opportunities by foreign entrepreneurs looking for Canadian financial backing. The CBC Digital Archives highlights the history of some cars designed and made exclusively in Canada.

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Bricklin car owners, though few, loved their car for its unique look and horsepower. In this segment from CBC-TV's Take 30 we learn how one owner has fixed his orange-coloured sports car, and we hear from Malcolm Bricklin himself as he defends his car and remains hopeful in spite of the company's financial troubles.
• At the time of this 1975 interview, nearly 3,000 Bricklins had been produced in New Brunswick.  

• Six weeks after this interview, Bricklin's U.S. parent company, the General Vehicle Company, declared bankruptcy in Phoenix, Ariz. The company could not cover debts owed to banks, dealers and employees. Two backers, the Province of New Brunswick and First Pennsylvania Bank were owed $26 million.

• Today, the much-loved Bricklin has a fan club. Bricklin International has over 500 active members around the world, many of which still take their cars on the road.

Medium: Television
Program: Take 30
Broadcast Date: Dec. 1, 1975
Guest(s): Malcolm Bricklin, Arnold Corn
Host: Mary Lou Finlay
Interviewer: Paul Soles
Duration: 14:53

Last updated: February 9, 2012

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