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Brimming with caffeine and nicotine?

Are the words "Timbit" and "double-double" part of your vocabulary? If the answer is yes, you must be Canadian. Despite the fact that it was bought by an American company in 1995, Tim Hortons seems to have injected itself into the centre of our Canadian identity. Started as a small doughnut shop owned by hockey legend Tim Horton, there are now more than 3,000 Tim Hortons locations. CBC Digital Archives looks at the evolution of Tim’s.

Countless Canadians are addicted to Tim Hortons coffee, and CBC-TV's Disclosure wants to know why. "What's in this brew that has us all spellbound?" asks Disclosure's Peter Walsh, a self-confessed Tim's addict. Rumour has it that Tim's has the maximum amount of caffeine legally allowed. Or is it filled with nicotine? In this light-hearted 2004 TV clip, Walsh gets to the bottom of these rumours by taking the coffee to a science lab for analysis.
• The rumour that there's nicotine in Tim Hortons coffee is so widespread that it's made it onto Snopes.com, a website devoted to either confirming or debunking urban legends. According to the site, "Tim Hortons does not include nicotine, MSG, an unusually high level of caffeine, or any other additive." Snopes references this 2004 Disclosure episode when debunking the urban myth.
Medium: Television
Program: Disclosure
Broadcast Date: Feb. 17, 2004
Guest(s): Jennifer Brayton, Brian Walsh
Reporter: Peter Walsh
Duration: 8:32

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