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Textile workers implore: 'Buy Canadian'

When it comes to the economy, an appropriate motto would be plus ça change. But when times are tough, a slogan that invariably turns up is "Buy Canadian" — an appeal to consumers to put pride and patriotism where their wallets are. In 2009 it came up once again, in part a response to the controversial "Buy American" provisions proposed as part of a massive economic stimulus package. The CBC Digital Archives looks back at "Buy Canadian" campaigns of the past.

In 1977, unemployment rates in Canada are the highest they've been since the 1930s. With predictions that it will be a slow recovery, workers across the country want the government to do something to help. The CBC Radio program Concern looks at the unemployment issue, and as we hear from this clip, textile workers in Quebec feel that what's at the heart of the matter is buying Canadian -- Canadians have to help one another by buying goods made by their neighbours.

• The Globe and Mail reported on Oct. 12, 1977 that the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in Canada had reached 8.3 per cent, the highest since 1940.
Medium: Radio
Program: Concern
Broadcast Date: Oct. 23, 1977
Host: Neil Copeland
Duration: 1:52
Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg /Library and Archives Canada

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