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Buy Canadian: Made in Canada?

When it comes to the economy, an appropriate motto would be plus ça change. But when times are tough, a slogan that invariably turns up is "Buy Canadian" — an appeal to consumers to put pride and patriotism where their wallets are. In 2009 it came up once again, in part a response to the controversial "Buy American" provisions proposed as part of a massive economic stimulus package. The CBC Digital Archives looks back at "Buy Canadian" campaigns of the past.

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You would think that Canadian products are made in Canada, but according to this 1992 report from Venture, you have to check the label. In this clip, TVs, major appliances and automobiles are reviewed for their Canadian content.
• The Canadian Manufacturers Association (CMA) was originally established in 1871 as the Ontario Manufacturers Association. The name was changed six years later.

• In 1943, the Canadian Exporters Association (CEA) was formed. The CMA and CEA merged in 1996.

• The Toronto Star reported that the intention of the federal government's "Canada: Buy Into It" campaign was to stop cross-border shopping into the United States. 

• The federal campaign was launched during the 1992 Constitutional referendum,  causing sovereigntists to cry foul over "Canada: Buy Into It" billboards placed in Montreal.

Medium: Television
Program: Venture
Broadcast Date: June 28, 1992
Guest(s): John Seymour, Stephen Van Houten
Host: Robert Scully
Duration: 5:00

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