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Genetically Modified Food: A Growing Debate
Since the introduction of the first genetically modified food, the "Flavr Savr" tomato in 1994, "GM" products can now be found in thousands of foods, from bagels to butter tarts to soy milk. While the biotech industry points to the safety and benefits of genetic modifications, environmentalists are quick to denounce it as potentially harmful "frankenfood." And that has left the consumer caught in the middle of this emotionally charged debate.
Hog Wild: Canada's Pork Industry
From back bacon to smoked ham, Canada exports over $2 billion of pork, making us one of the world's top exporters. But what's good for the economy hasn't been good to the environment. The problem is manure. Canada's 15 million pigs produce enough waste to fill Toronto's SkyDome every 22 days. It's a festering problem that has residents, farmers, environmentalists, government officials and members of the pork industry up in arms.
What's Happening to the Family Farm?
Whether they raise wheat, peaches, beef or potatoes, the Canadians who run our family farms have sometimes struggled to keep pace with the demand for cheap, abundant food. Threats to the family farm have ranged from the high cost of land and crippling interest rates to corporate competition and encroaching cities. Some farmers have adapted and thrived, but for others the strain has proven too much. CBC Archives looks at the evolving family farm.