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Newfoundland artist Mary Pratt

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Though Newfoundland's Mary Pratt is the wife of celebrated artist Christopher Pratt, she has earned respect as an artist in her own right. She paints what she sees in her home, recognizing beauty in such mundane objects as an unmade bed, an uncleared supper table, and, in one of her most famous paintings, a fresh fish laid out on a piece of plastic wrap. In this 1982 interview with CBC Television, she talks to host Bob McLean about her method of using a camera to capture the light on an object she wants to paint, her working relationship with her artist-husband, and what makes a good painter.

• Mary West was born Mar. 15, 1935 in Fredericton, N.B. She attended Mount Allison University in New Brunswick and married her classmate Christopher Pratt in 1958. They moved to St. Mary's Bay, Nfld. in 1961 but separated in 1990 and later divorced.

• In 2013 The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery organized Mary Pratt: A 50-year Retrospective, a collection that toured Canada in 2014 with shows in galleries in Nova Scotia, Ontario and Saskatchewan.

Watch this clip of Christopher Pratt in 1986.
Medium: Television
Program: McLean at Large
Broadcast Date: Apr. 26, 1982
Interviewer: Bob McLean
Guest: Mary Pratt
Duration: 9:02

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