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Christopher Pratt: a retrospective of his work

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At the age of 49, Newfoundland artist Christopher Pratt is relatively young to have his work featured in a show titled "A Retrospective." But, as he says, he feels comfortable with that because it is "not exactly posthumous." At the Art Gallery of Ontario, Pratt is with CBC Midday interviewer Valerie Pringle, discussing how his style has changed, the inevitable influence of the sea on his work, his working relationship with his artist-wife Mary, and his puzzlement over what makes people like or dislike his work.
• John Christopher Pratt was born Dec. 9, 1935 in St. John's Newfoundland. He studied art at New Brunswick's Mount Allison University with Mary West, whom he married in 1958. They lived and worked in St. Mary's Bay, Nfld., but separated in 1990 before divorcing.

• Christopher Pratt: A Retrospective opened its cross-Canada tour to huge crowds in Vancouver in November 1985. According to a Globe and Mail review from Nov. 25, 1985, the opening night was attended by 2,500 people. A scheduled walking tour the next day was attended by 500 and was adapted into a talk by Pratt instead.

Watch this clip of Mary Pratt in 1982.
Medium: Television
Program: Midday
Host: Sheldon Turcott
Interviewer: Valerie Pringle
Guest: Christopher Pratt
Duration: 8:37

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