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Robert Lepage: The weight of success

Director, writer, actor Robert Lepage is one of Canada's most renowned figures in performing arts. Highlights from his astonishing oeuvre include epic plays, The Dragon's Trilogy and Needles and Opium, award-winning films, Le Confessional and Far Side of the Moon, and even rock shows. This Quebec native continues to push artistic boundaries, earning his reputation as this country's creative genius.

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Robert Lepage has become one of the most sought-after theatre directors in the world. With invitations pouring in, Lepage has become very skilled at choosing his future projects. "It's easy to identify those looking for sensationalism," Lepage tells CBC's Peter Gzowski. Lepage has walked away from many opportunities because he felt they were more about the cachet of his name than art. Lepage says he deals with the pressure of living up to his reputation by focusing on being authentic. 
• "Nothing is worse than having your dreams come true." -- Robert Lepage, 2003
• Lepage has a love/hate relationship with the media. "I'm not good at entertainment. I don't give myself to all the interviews, game shows or talk shows. I'm not good at doing show business; I'm a theatre person. I don't reveal anything about my life."

• In 2001, Lepage cancelled a rare press conference for the Festival de théâtre des Amériques because three critics on his "blacklist" were planning to attend. They included theatre critics Robert Lévesque (Ici), Luc Boulanger (Voir) and Stephane Baillargeon (Le Devoir). Lepage said his list wasn't about negative reviews. He said it was for personal reasons but refused to explain himself further.

• Lepage has won numerous awards including the Creation Award from the Conseil de la culture de Québec for overall artistic achievement (1986).
• In 1990, Lepage received France's Chevalier de l'Ordre des arts et des lettres.
• He received both the National Arts Centre Award and the Order of Canada in 1994.
• Premier Lucien Bouchard named him an officer of the Ordre National du Québec in 1999.
Medium: Radio
Program: Morningside
Broadcast Date: Feb. 16, 1993
Guest(s): Robert Lepage
Host: Peter Gzowski
Duration: 6:17

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