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Bill Reid in Paris

Bill Reid spent his life confronting public opinion. The artist, who was of Haida and European descent, was largely credited with inspiring a Haida renaissance with his masterful works of art. Some viewed Reid as a curiosity – an artist who navigated his way through two dissimilar worlds. Others viewed him with a more cynical eye and criticized him as a mimic with manufactured ties to the Haida community. CBC Archives explores the esteemed, influential and at times controversial career of Bill Reid.

In 1989, Bill Reid's sculpture Loo Taas is featured in an exhibition at the Museum of Man in Paris. Making a dramatic entrance, 20 B.C. Haida, including Reid, paddle 150 kilometres up the Seine in the long cedar canoe. For Reid, paddling the Wave Eater underneath the famous Pont Neuf bridge is the realization of a dream.
• In a controversial Maclean's article, Haida artist Robert Davidson suggested that Reid played "fast and loose" with the truth. Specifically, he criticized Reid's claims that he was recreating the lost art of canoe-building. Davidson indicated that the Haida switched over from the canoe to the wooden seine boats simply because the latter proved to be better fishing vessels.
Medium: Television
Program: CBC News
Broadcast Date: Oct. 10, 1989
Reporter: Rod Mickelburgh
Duration: 2:35

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