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Mick Jagger still rolling after 33 years

It's only rock 'n' roll but we like it! For nearly 40 years, Mick and the boys have had a torrid love affair with Toronto. From secret rehearsals and club gigs, to Keith Richards' heroin bust in 1977 and partying with Margaret Trudeau, the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band has called Toronto its home-away-from-home, and delivered the one thing they're famous for: Satisfaction. Ladies and gentlemen... The Rolling Stones.

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Even at 52 Mick Jagger is still "a man of wealth and taste" who knows how to woo the ladies. "Who's sitting on the chair?" he flirtatiously asks in this CBC Television clip before sitting down with Hana Gartner. After 33 years as frontman for the Stones, you would think Jagger has grown tired of rock 'n' roll. Not so! Jagger still loves to entertain. "Any performer gets a lot of excitement performing live," he says. "The audience is the thing that keeps you going." 
• At the time of this 1995 interview, the Stones had just released their latest album Stripped. A live recording with songs recorded during their 1994 Voodoo Lounge world tour, the CD also featured the Stones covering the Bob Dylan classic, Like A Rolling Stone.
• In 1995 Microsoft reportedly paid the Stones $8 million US to use Start Me Up -- off their 1981 Tattoo You album -- for its Windows '95 launch campaign.

• Each time the Stones hit the road in the last decade, they had the top-grossing tour of the year: $64.7 million US in 1999, $89.3 million in 1997, $121 million in 1994, $98 million in 1989.

Forty Licks, a double-CD compilation released in 2002, sold 309,800 copies in US and 35,500 in Canada in the first week of sales, debuting at No. 2.
Medium: Television
Program: The National Magazine
Broadcast Date: Nov. 17, 1995
Guest(s): Mick Jagger
Reporter: Hana Gartner
Duration: 5:10

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