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Rolling Stones live at the El Mocambo!

It's only rock 'n' roll but we like it! For nearly 40 years, Mick and the boys have had a torrid love affair with Toronto. From secret rehearsals and club gigs, to Keith Richards' heroin bust in 1977 and partying with Margaret Trudeau, the world's greatest rock 'n' roll band has called Toronto its home-away-from-home, and delivered the one thing they're famous for: Satisfaction. Ladies and gentlemen... The Rolling Stones.

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Mick Jagger describes the atmosphere around Keith Richards' heroin bust in Toronto as one of complete madness. Richards is more pragmatic. "When you wake up with 25 Mounties around your bed, it's kind of depressing but it's not something I think of now. I guess it's something I know I've got to deal with," he admits in this CBC Radio interview. The band tries to put the incident behind them as their new album, recorded in the Toronto nightclub, the El Mocambo, is released to high praise. 
Rolling Stone praised the album Love You Live and said that the four songs recorded at the El Mocambo were the "heart and soul" of the album. "Side three, recorded at the 350-seat El Mocambo Tavern in Toronto, is a full-fledged return to the glories of R&B, all of it exquisitely performed."

• "In a place like the El Mocambo, you can hear the band — and more important, we can hear the band — as it's actually sounding. And we weren't just getting the power of the band through the monitor, you know. I could hear Charlie's bass drum through my spine." — Keith Richard, Rolling Stone, 1977.
• The El Mocambo closed in November 2001. It reopened in late 2002.
Medium: Radio
Program: The Great Canadian Gold Rush
Broadcast Date: March 4, 1978
Guest(s): Mick Jagger, Keith Richards
Host: Terry David Mulligan
Reporter: Juan Rodriquez
Duration: 7:57

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