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Yehudi Menuhin kicks off a new music program

It's the first time world-renowned violinist Yehudi Menuhin has performed with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. He plays Brahms violin concerto under the direction of conductor Victor Feldbrill. In an interview prior to his debut with the WSO, Menuhin talks about being inspired to become a violinist after hearing a performance by the legendary Romanian violinist Georges Enesco.
Monday Concert was one of numerous programs devoted to classical music on CBC Radio. It showcased the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra under conductor Meredith Davies and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra with Victor Feldbrill conducting.

Monday Concert was moved to Friday by the fall season of 1966.

• Menuhin, a son of Russian-Jewish immigrants, was born in New York in 1916. By the time the child prodigy was eight, his teachers urged him to study music in Europe.

• Young Menuhin went to Paris to meet his idol Georges Enesco, only to discover that the great violinist and composer was leaving for a long tour the next day. CBC Times reported that Menuhin was unfazed, insisting that he play for Enesco while he was shaving. After hearing Menuhin perform, Enesco promptly took the young violinist under his wing.

• After hearing Menuhin perform, Albert Einstein declared, "now I know there is a God in heaven!"

• Yehudi Menuhin died in Berlin in 1999, ending one of the longest and most distinguished classical music careers in history.

Medium: Radio
Program: Monday Concert
Broadcast Date: Oct. 25, 1965
Guest(s): Yehudi Menuhin
Host: Norm McIlright
Duration: 1:53

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