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Jian Ghomeshi and Murray Foster make Tall New Buildings

Tall new buildings are sprouting up everywhere in Toronto in 1987, and so are Tall New Buildings. They're a young band with a record, a music video and an approaching Ontario-Quebec tour, and they're on CBC-TV show Switchback to talk with host Dale Martindale. At just 19, members Murray Foster and Jean (you might know him as Jian Ghomeshi) are hardly older than the teenage crowd in the studio audience.

• According to CanadianBands.com, Foster was bassist for Tall New Buildings while Ghomeshi was the vocalist and wrote many of the band's songs. The other members of Tall New Buildings were guitarist Tracy Jones, Reno Manfredi on keyboards and drummer John Ruttle.

• Ghomeshi and Foster went on to form Moxy Fruvous in the early 1990s. As of 2012, Foster is a member of Newfoundland band Great Big Sea and Ghomeshi is host of the CBC Radio program Q.

• Dale Martindale, the host in this clip, was at the time a member of Images in Vogue, winner of Single of the Year at the 1985 Juno Awards.
Medium: Television
Program: Switchback
Broadcast Date: May 3, 1987
Host: Dale Martindale
Guests: Murray Foster, Jian Ghomeshi
Duration: 3:58

Last updated: September 19, 2012

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