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Teeing off for literacy

For three hours a day, five days a week – for 15 years – millions tuned in to CBC Radio's Morningside and Peter Gzowski. Despite Gzowski's dishevelled appearance, this beloved radio host cast his folksy charm across the country. When Gzowski died in 2002, Canadians paid tribute to the broadcaster whose stammering informality and comforting voice had become a symbol for Canada.

The librarian's son is in Yellowknife for his annual Peter Gzowski Invitational Golf Tournament for Literacy. Now in its fifth year, the tournaments, held across Canada, raise money for Gzowski's great personal cause: literacy. "Books is my life," jokes Gzowski in this clip. The annual fundraiser grew out of his desire to hold a small golf tournament with friends at The Briars on Lake Simcoe. 
• In its inaugural year, the PGI raised $18,000 for Frontier College's reading program. Since 1986, the tournament has raised $8 million for various literacy organizations, making it the largest fundraiser for literacy in Canada.

• Frontier College is a Canada-wide, volunteer-based organization that teaches people how to read and write. It evolved from the Reading Camp Association founded in 1899.

• Launched by Peter Gzowski in 1986 at his home course, The Briars on Lake Simcoe, the PGIs are currently held in every province and territory (2005).

• Gzowski was an avid golfer. He even gave a golf lesson on the Bob McLean Show to host Bob McLean.

• Gzowski said one of the highlights of his career was playing with Canadian golf champion George Knudson at Toronto's National Golf Course.
Medium: Television
Program: Midday
Broadcast Date: April 9, 1990
Guest(s): Peter Gzowski
Host: Valerie Pringle
Duration: 2:48

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