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Making The National in 1982

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The demise of the Crow Rate is important news for western farmers, but it's not the stuff of an attention-grabbing start to a nightly newscast. But the team behind CBC-TV's The National is preparing to lead off with it -- until pictures of a plane crash in Japan start coming in. From the CBC-TV documentary Inside TV News, this segment examines how the producers of a CBC news broadcast decide what airs and explains how The Journal's "double-ender" interviews are put together.
• Mark Starowicz, seen in this clip, helmed the overhaul of CBC Radio's venerable current affairs program As It Happens in 1973, shaping it into the format it retains 40 years later. He was executive producer of The Journal while his counterpart Tony Burman held the same job title for The National.

• Knowlton Nash was a former reporter and head of CBC's English-language TV news and current affairs before becoming anchor of The National. Watch him as a guest on CBC-TV's Front Page Challenge when he was foreign correspondent in 1966.

Watch a 1982 report in which Starowicz, Burman, Nash and others explain what CBC viewers can expect on the new The National.
Medium: Television
Broadcast Date: Aug. 26, 1982
Program: Inside TV News
Host: Peter Desbarats
Guests: Tony Burman, Knowlton Nash, Mark Starowicz
Duration: 10:01

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