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David Suzuki, my new best friend

For over three decades, David Suzuki has been Canada's foremost environmental conscience. From his experiments with fruit flies to his warnings about genetically modified food, Suzuki has made science relevant, interesting and full of wonder to his audiences. As a broadcaster for the CBC, he has issued frank warnings against industry, the economy and his fellow scientists. Passionate and outspoken, he has also won his fair share of critics. But despite, or perhaps because of this, Suzuki remains undeterred in his message.

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What's it like to be David Suzuki's best friend? Today, Midday reporter Jordan Kawchuk is determined to find out. The unlikely duo pal around and talk about the environment and consumerism. "Are you judging me right now?" Kawchuk nervously asks about his leather jacket. They go to the gym and work out -- at least, Suzuki works out; Kawchuk watches. In this Midday segment, Kawchuk explores the lighter side of the nature of friendship with David Suzuki.
• In his autobiography, Metamorphosis, Suzuki cited Jim Murray, former executive producer of The Nature of Things, as his best friend.
• "I am an optimist who writes from the perspective of a scientist, victim and parent. Although much of what I see is bleak and frightening, I believe in the power of reason to alter human behaviour." — David Suzuki, Inventing the Future: Reflections on Science, Technology and Nature

• "If the CBC survives another 50 years, it will be because of Hockey Night in Canada. If the planet survives another 50 years, it will be because of Dr. David Suzuki." Bill Brioux, Toronto Sun.
Medium: Television
Program: Midday
Broadcast Date: Dec. 14, 1999
Guest(s): David Suzuki
Reporter: Jordan Kawchuk
Duration: 4:06

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