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A day in the life of an international correspondent

An international correspondent's life can be exhilarating — the travel, the adventure, the sense of being right in the middle of where it's all happening. But it can also be very risky, especially in a war zone. And it can take an emotional toll on even the most seasoned journalist. The job comes with ethical and philosophical considerations, not to mention practical questions — like what do you pack? From the Second World War to present day, CBC Archives examines what it's like to be a CBC journalist abroad.

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"It's such a privilege to be able to spend one's life watching the world unfold," says veteran CBC foreign correspondent Joe Schlesinger in this excerpt from a 2002 TV documentary. This program not only traces the history of CBC foreign reporting, but it also follows the very intense Neil Macdonald in his day-to-day life as a CBC correspondent in Tel Aviv. We get to see Macdonald covering dangerous events, negotiating ideas with producers back home, and trying to lead a normal family life amid war.
• Neil Macdonald joined the CBC in 1988 after more than a decade in newspaper reporting. He started out as a federal politics reporter for the CBC in Ottawa, then became a Middle East correspondent in the 1990s. In 2003, he moved back to North America and became the CBC's Washington correspondent.
Medium: Television
Program: Inside Information
Broadcast Date: Sept. 17, 2002
Guest(s): Bill Cunningham, Peter Kent, Neil MacDonald, Michael Maclear, Ann Medina, Don Murray, Joyce Napier, Morley Safer, Joe Schlesinger
Duration: 25:45

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