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CBC foreign correspondents recall their best stories

An international correspondent's life can be exhilarating — the travel, the adventure, the sense of being right in the middle of where it's all happening. But it can also be very risky, especially in a war zone. And it can take an emotional toll on even the most seasoned journalist. The job comes with ethical and philosophical considerations, not to mention practical questions — like what do you pack? From the Second World War to present day, CBC Archives examines what it's like to be a CBC journalist abroad.

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When you're a foreign correspondent, you're bound to have one or two memories that really stand out as favourites. In this 1956 radio clip, four CBC foreign reporters recall their best assignments. Matthew Halton, Peter Stursberg, James M. Minifie and Douglas LaChance all have fascinating tales to tell - from Halton's unforgettable entry into Berlin on VE-Day, to Stursberg's recording of the classic German song Lili Marlene
• First written in German, Lili Marlene was a notable song of the Second World War because it became overwhelmingly popular with both Allied and German soldiers.

• Peter Stursberg was a high-profile CBC reporter covering the Second World War. His son Richard Stursberg became executive vice-president of CBC Television in 2004.

• Douglas LaChance was a Paris correspondent for the CBC, and James M. Minifie became CBC's Washington correspondent after the war.

• Every year since 1981, the University of Regina's journalism school has held the Minifie Lectures in honour of Minifie, who had studied at Regina College (University of Regina's forerunner). Past Minifie lecturers have included such renowned journalists as Knowlton Nash, Joe Schlesinger, Peter Gzowski, Linden MacIntyre, Lloyd Robertson and Evan Solomon.

Medium: Radio
Program: CBC Radio News Special
Broadcast Date: Jan. 25, 1956
Guest(s): Matthew Halton, Douglas LaChance, James Minifie, Peter Stursberg
Duration: 13:18
Lili Marlene: lyrics by Hans Leip, music by Norbert Schultze.

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