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Sneezing at rainbows

Make a fool of yourself, a fool of your friends and, if you're a staid Canadian broadcaster, fool your trusting audience! Sheila Copps, David Suzuki and more all play a part in this parade of fools and pranksters. From edible budgies (gasp!) to the old spraying lapel flower, this trip down memory lane recalls the many ways to make, or to be, an April Fool.

Dr. Farben is live on CBC radio to demystify those pesky colour allergies. If purple makes your nose run and burgundy gives you hives, help is finally here. It affects two per cent of Canadians, and further testing is underway to find a cure. Dr. Farben seems convinced, anyone else?
• After this piece was broadcast, it was never mentioned on-air that it had been an April Fool's joke. The only call received by Metro Morning was from a CBC Television producer who had heard the item, found it very interesting... and wanted to interview Dr. Farben too! April Fool's on you, CBC!

• "Farben" means colours in German.

• Joe Coté, the host of Metro Morning, really is colour blind.

• The so-called "Dr. Frederick Farben" of 1988 was played by the so-called "Project Manager" of the CBC Archives Web site.

Medium: Radio
Program: Metro Morning
Broadcast Date: April 1, 1988
Guest(s): Frederick Farben
Host: Joe Coté
Duration: 3:52

Last updated: January 17, 2013

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