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Guy Maddin extols the beauty of 'audio shadows'

Guy Maddin may be one of Canada's best-known unknown filmmakers. From his early, improbable success with "Tales From the Gimli Hospital," the director has relied on near-extinct film techniques to convey both a heavy dose of melodrama and a sly sense of humour. Maddin now works with international stars, but his humble origins are with the Winnipeg Film Group — a filmmakers' co-op that, over 30 years, has brought global acclaim to many Manitoba moviemakers.

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Maddin talks about the "noble medium" of black-and-white film and the virtues of bad sound in his movies.
Medium: Radio
Program: Gabereau
Broadcast Date: Sept. 5, 1990
Guest(s): Guy Maddin
Host: Vicki Gabereau
Duration: 16:08
Film credits: Cinephile, Ordnance Pictures, Winnipeg Film Group

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