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Turning his back on his homeland?

"Film is the literature of this generation," says Toronto-born Norman Jewison. Small wonder then the Oscar-winning director is considered a Laureate of the film lens and is a fierce supporter of the Canadian film industry. Responsible for such classics as In the Heat of the Night and Fiddler on the Roof, Jewison cut his teeth in television at the CBC before moving to Hollywood where he became a maverick director who wowed audiences with his storytelling prowess.

He's one of Hollywood's biggest directors, his pictures make millions of dollars and he's shot his movies on location all around the world -- except in his own country. In this CBC Radio clip, Jewison explains that he shoots the majority of his pictures in the U.S. because he is financed by American studios that have American interests. "I feel kind of badly," admits Jewison. "I should have been making films that reflected the thinking in my own country."
• Nine years after this clip, Jewison filmed Agnes of God (1985) in northern Ontario, the first film he shot entirely in Canada. Starring Anne Bancroft and Jane Fonda, the film tells the story of a court investigation into the death of an infant born to a Sister Agnes, a fragile young nun (Meg Tilly). Bancroft received a Best Actress nomination for her role as Mother Miriam Ruth and Tilly was nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

• At the time of this interview, Jewison was living in London, England and was coming off the success of Rollerball (1975). Starring James Caan and John Houseman, Rollerball is set in 2018 where a futuristic version of roller derby is the leading recreational sport and used by corporations to control the populace.
Medium: Radio
Program: Judy
Broadcast Date: March 1, 1976
Guest(s): Norman Jewison
Host: Judy LaMarsh
Duration: 5:40

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