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The 'Wisdom' of Demi Moore

At age 23, Demi Moore is already a silver screen veteran with half a dozen feature films to her credit. But she can't shake the "Brat Pack" label - the name given to the group of young actors who dominate the films of the mid-1980s. In this 1987 interview with CBC-TV's Midday, Moore talks about the origins of that label, as well as her recent work with fiancé and fellow Brat Pack member Emilio Estevez.
• Demi Moore (her first name is short for Demetria) was born in 1962. In 1982 she won a role on TV's General Hospital, and two years later debuted in the racy big-screen comedy Blame It On Rio. She joined the Brat Pack in 1985's St. Elmo's Fire and would go on to star in many other films including Ghost (1990), Indecent Proposal (1993), Disclosure (1994), Striptease (1996) and G.I. Jane (1997).
  • The term "Brat Pack" - a play on the "Rat Pack" group of actors of the 1960s - was first coined by New York magazine in 1985. Brat Pack members included Demi Moore and Emilio Estevez, as well as Anthony Michael Hall, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald and Ally Sheedy.

• In 2009, Demi Moore was expected to be at the Toronto International Film Festival to promote the film The Joneses. Moore plays the fashionable and successful Kate Jones, described by the TIFF website as "a woman who uses her job as a shield against real emotional involvement."

Medium: Television
Program: Midday
Broadcast Date: Jan. 2, 1987
Guest(s): Demi Moore
Duration: 5:08

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