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Jane Campion's 'Sweetie'

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The sister story Sweetie wasn't inspired by director Jane Campion's own family life, but viewers could be forgiven for thinking so: it's dedicated to her sister. Rather, Campion tells CBC Radio's Geoff Pevere in this 1990 interview, the movie was a vehicle for a provocative exploration of humanity. And, as a film that she says is "not meant for a conservative audience," its success has taken her quite by surprise. Campion says that success will help her with the challenge of her next project, which is inspired by the Bronte sisters' novels. 
• Born in New Zealand in 1956, Jane Campion has spent much of her career in Australia. Sweetie, which she both wrote and directed, was her first feature-length film. She went on to direct the acclaimed 1993 film The Piano, for which she was nominated as Best Director and won for Best Original Screenplay.
  • Campion was scheduled to appear at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival to promote her film Bright Star, a biography of the 19th century poet John Keats. Campion wrote the screenplay and directed the film.  

Medium: Radio
Program: Prime Time
Broadcast Date: Feb. 6, 1990
Guest(s): Jane Campion
Interviewer: Geoff Pevere
Duration: 7:59

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