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Protest Silenced in Tiananmen Square

Protest Silenced in Tiananmen ...

It was a protest unlike anything Communist China had ever seen. Night after night, for six weeks in the spring of 1989, ...

Major League Baseball Comes to Canada

Major League Baseball Comes to...

Play ball! From the impromptu games of "town ball" in the 1800s, through Jackie Robinson's Montreal Royals to the Expos ...

Ed Broadbent: A Voice from the Left

Ed Broadbent: A Voice from the...

As leader of the NDP, Ed Broadbent was a democratic socialist who loved to smoke cigars and drive fast cars. Broadbent l...


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1958: Hula Hoop craze hits Canada

1958: Hula Hoop craze hits Canada

One of the biggest and most profitable fads of all time takes Canada by storm.

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The Food Show: Apples for your ear

The Food Show: Apples ...

An apple's journey from the tree to you.

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Playboy Bunny Tales

Playboy Bunny Tales

Meet the bunnies! The first Playboy Club opens in Canada.

Guess Who?

Who is this model child?

Who is this model chil...

Can you guess who the kid on the catwalk is?