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Our MP Votes No On Bill For National Housing Strategy


Yukon M-P Ryan Leef voted against the creation of a national housing strategy yesterday. He joined other Conservative M-Ps in defeating the private members bill.

Leef had been lobbied by the Yukon Anti-Poverty Coalition and others to support the strategy. He joined us to this morning to talk about his vote.....

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Auditor General's Report on Health Care Construction


The Auditor General of Canada has some suggestions for the territorial government and the Yukon Hospital Corporation. His office released a report yesterday critical of officials for not assessing Yukon's health care needs before making a political decision to build new hospitals in Dawson City and Watson Lake. Opposition politicians are also weighing in with their comments.

NDP and official opposition leader Liz Hanson joined us in the studio....

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It's Everyone's Worst Fear ..

Todd Pilgrim was one of the first people to arrive on the scene of a horrific accident Monday evening. Two vehicles collided --- a car and a truck. 18-year old Jessica Behan died at the scene. Pilgrim says he tried to administer first aid to the young woman, but was unable to reach her. At last word The driver of the car remains in hospital in stable condition. The driver of the truck was treated and released.

Todd Pilgrim spoke with Doris Bill about his efforts to render first aid while providing comfort to the people at the scene....

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