CBC North - Photo By Lena Autut

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Change is Coming To Hillcrest

Hillcrest is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Whitehorse and in one way that's one of its problems. The 60 year old pipes burried under the streets are plugging up and rusting through. The city is working with residents on a plan to rip up the streets and redo sidewalks. But just north of Hillcrest a developer is planning to deal with another 60 year old problem. The tanks on the old tank farm are long gone but some of oil and gasoline that used to be in the tanks has soaked into the soil. A developer is planning to remove the soil, quarry and clean the gravel underneath and eventually build homes when its all cleaned up. It's a lot for residents to think about and last night the city of Whitehorse held a meeting to showcase all the plans in play and let residents know where they stand. CBC reporter Brian Boyle was there and spoke to several people including Whitehorse City Councillor Joceyln Curteneau and a couple of residents with differing opinions...

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