CBC North - Photo By Lena Autut

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Resolving Issues Over Running of the Yukon Humane Society Delayed..

The future of the Mae Bachur Animal Shelter will remain in limbo ... at least until the middle of December. A petition from the registrar of societies was to be heard in court today. A general membership meeting was planned for later in the week.

That's now been delayed because lawyers from the Humane Society's insurance company have asked for time to look at the situation. The situation is this ... two factions are fighting for control of the Society and the Shelter. Questions have been raised about the society's finances and how it is operating. Some people have been banned from the Society's premises and participation in the society itself.

Tom Ulyett is with the department of justice. It regulates how societies operate under the Societies' Act. He spoke with A New Day Tuesday..

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